Review: Sum 41 – Some Say (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Sum 41 – Some Say.

This track was released 2004. It was released as part of the album Chuck.

The track starts with some filtered percussion’s as well as vocals. The track builds up with some drum kicks before launching into the chorus.

After that point, the track falls back to the filtered percussion’s as it goes through a verse. The verse itself gradually builds up with the guitars gradually coming back in. After that, this track goes into the main chorus. This follows a nicely done guitar solo.

After that, there is a verse and another chorus. This version of the main chorus is also extended. The track then ends with a gradual fade out with a couple of notes from a guitar. There is the start-up of an engine, though this is more meant to lead into the next track of the album.

One thing that is noticeable about this track is the fact that this is much more laid back than earlier tracks from the band. This is notable with the use of a more acoustic sound in some of the guitars. There is plenty of electric guitar riffs, though it’s a bit more toned down than what one would expect from the band.

The vocals are nicely done. They really help punctuate the track nicely. The backup vocals are a bit less noticeable, but they do add depth to the overall sound of the vocals. They only appear from time to time to help punctuate certain lyrics, but they are effective.

Meanwhile, the lyrics paint a picture of indecision. They offer a sense of deep contemplation with a sense of philosophical contemplation. Certainly not the typical themes found in a track from a punk rock band, but definitely an interesting theme to cover nevertheless.

Overall, this is a pretty solid track. It’s not something one would expect from a punk rock band, but it works quite well. The track has a bit more of an acoustic and toned down sound. A track that certainly adds variety to a playlist. Definitely a solid track.


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