Review: Sum 41 – In Too Deep (Rock)

This review covers the punk rock track Sum 41 – In Too Deep.

This track was released in 2001 on the album All Killer, No Filler. Previously, we reviewed the tracks Motivation and Fat Lip. Both tracks earned a great score, so we thought we’d try another track on this album to see if it can perform as well.

The track starts off with a few guitar elements. A drum kit then comes in. From there, the vocals also come in for a verse. Backup vocals also make an appearance.

From there, the track gradually build up and goes into the main chorus. Several lead guitars come in here. This is capped off with an instrumental section featuring the lead guitars.

After this, the vocals take the track into the next verse. This section features a smaller presence of the lead guitars. After this, the main chorus takes over again. This main chorus is extended. After that, a guitar solo comes in.

From there, the vocals take the track into the next verse. After this, there is another round in the main chorus. This is extended using another method. After this, the track goes into an instrumental section. After that, the guitars gradually break down and the track ends.

One great aspect of this track is the guitars. They really are quite a treat to hear in this case. This is even before the guitar solo. The guitar solo is, itself, great. It all sounds so polished and well done.

The vocals are also great. They are articulate and it has its own sound. The backup vocals make the vocals sound that much better. The lyrics are also quite a treat. If you ever had been in a bad relationship, it’s very easy to relate to these lyrics. That moment when regret sets in for sticking with it for too long is certainly there.

Overall, this is a great track. It’s got great vocals and backup vocals. The guitars are a real treat both with the lead guitars and the guitar solo. I also thought the lyrics were very meaningful. Overall, this is a great listening experience.


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