Review: Sugar Ray – The Club (Rock)

This review covers the hard rock track Sugar Ray – The Club.

This track was released in 1998 on the album Road Rash 3D. It also appears in the game Road Rash 64.

The track starts with some guitar elements before going quickly into a vocal section. What is notable is that this is a high BPM track judging by the beginning.

After this, the track goes into a main chorus which slows the BPM down. From there, the BPM speeds up in another short verse. After this, the track slows down for the next main chorus.

At that point, the track enters a brief instrumental section which speeds the BPM back up again. The vocals that come after are largely gibberish. The track then slows down for one last round in the main chorus. The breakdown is quick.

One interesting element is the sliding note that appears throughout the track. I’m not sure if it’s actually a synth or a guitar note. I’m leaning toward guitar note, but I’m not entirely sure.

One thing I like about the track is the use of adjusting the BPM in the track. Not a lot of tracks that I’m aware of do this, let alone successfully. This gives the track a rather interesting flow throughout.

I thought the vocals were great (both lead and backup) and the guitar work was nicely done. Even the drums were well done as far as I am concerned.

My only complaint is that this track is also quite short. It is exactly 1 minute long which, in this case, is barely enough to enjoy this track. As a result, it’s a bit like a brief moment of interesting moment instead of giving me a chance to nicely appreciate it.

Overall, this track has great elements. The guitars and vocals work well. The changing of the BPM throughout is also effective. I wish the track was longer as this is a very short track. Still, it’s a pretty solid track as far as I’m concerned.


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