Review: Starship Amazing – Bonk (You Got Bonked) (Chiptune)

This review covers the chiptune track Starship Amazing – Bonk (You Got Bonked).

This track was released in 2011 along with the track Wrong Way. It was released online as a Creative Commons pay what you want release.

The track stats off with some filtered white noise fading in. This cuts off with a drum kit before the main melody starts off. The main melody is backed with some synth effects.

From there, the track pulls back with a more subtle melody and a lighter synth melody. The track then utilizes the main synth with an alternate melody. After that, the track fades out with just a synth appearing for a brief moment.

After that, the main melody then takes over again. The track fades out and is left with some synth chords. The drum kit then comes back in a filtered matter. A filtered white noise sweep comes in and the track then goes back to a general melody with the main synth. The main melody takes back over.

From there, various elements drop out, leaving with just the main synth. The main synth hits a few final notes before disappearing with a delay effect.

What I really like about this track is that it has such an upbeat positive sound. The infectious positivity is so palpable while listening. It’s kind of impressive if you ask me.

Another positive element is the overall flow. I really like how this track can smoothly go from high energy fast paced sound to such a settled and relaxed sound. It almost sounds effortless, yet it is hard to get something like this right because it can so easily sound clunky. This track makes it seem easy, which is another impressive element.

Overall, there are very few tracks that scream “I’m awesome!” and manages to actually impress. This track manages to pull this off very successfully with such a positive vibe. The fact that it is also able to pull off such effortless transitions and become both laid back and high energy certainly didn’t hurt either. So, I would call this a highly recommended track.


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