Review: Solarstone – Seven Cities (V-One’s ‘Living Cities’ Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Solarstone – Seven Cities (V-One’s ‘Living Cities’ Remix).

This track was released in 1999 as part of a single.

The track starts off with a basic drum kit. That drum kit becomes more full after a bit. The high hat and lead hat joins the track. After a reverse cymbal, a bassline joins the track. Another reverse cymbal and the track pulls back to a kick and bassline.

From there, a synth gradually fades in. Drum kit elements gradually join the track again. Another reverse cymbal and the drum kit largely drops out, leaving the synth and bassline for the most part. A second synth joins the track. The drum kit then returns. Some pads also join the track.

After that, string synths join the track along with a choir element. After a bit, the drop hits, leaving one synth, pads, the synth string, and choir element. Most of these elements drop out, leaving just one synth left over. A guitar-like synth enters the track. A reverse cymbal makes an appearance and the choir elements return along with a few other effects. A kick makes a single appearance.

From there, another synth returns with some of the synth pads, strings, and choirs dropping out. The drum kit then returns, but the guitar-like synth element continues. The guitar-like synth starts hitting fewer notes after a while.

The track then gradually breaks down, leaving just the bassline after a bit. A synth makes a subtle re-appearance before a cymbal and the guitar leads the track out.

For me, what really makes this track great is that guitar-like synth. It just adds so much personality and emotion to the track. When the synth strings and choir back that element, it really makes this track shine.

Additionally, I thought the buildup is very well realized here. The overall flow just works so well from beginning to end.

My only real nitpick of this track is that I’m not sure some of the synths layer quite so well with the guitar-like synth as well as it could have.

Still, this is a great track to listen to. It has a great guitar-like synth backed by impressive synth strings and choir elements. The flow works very well from beginning to end. While some synth may not layer quite as well as I would have hoped, this track is still a great track to listen to overall. A recommended listen.


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