Review: Skate or Die 2 – The Search for Double Trouble (NES)

By Drew Wilson

Today, we check out an old NES game called Skate or Die 2. There was little resemblance to the prequel, but the sequel is more of a platform game. We look at how worth it is to play this game.

Before I get into anything, I just wanted to point out that this game is worth playing for the start screen alone:

Seriously, it’s worth playing just watching the start screen. How many NES games have such an epic start screen? Three parts of the title light up in different colours in time with the song it’s still awesome.

Anyway, the game was released in 1990. It is the sequel to Skate or Die.

While both the prequel and sequel had the theme of skateboarding, Skate or Die 2 has less of a sports feel to it and more of a platform feel to it.

The game centres around an unnamed protagonist trying to build a ramp called “Double Trouble”. Unfortunately, his trouble starts when he runs into the mayors wife’s dog. You start by talking to Rodney who can be seen skating around from time to time. Meeting him will give the player the opportunity to buy new boards – not with money, but rather, with tapes, CDs, fries and taco’s. You can also run into Lester who will sell you new moves.

I found that, with this game, it takes a bit to get use to the controls. Some items are located in high places or inside pits inside buildings. Running into certain objects will cause you to wipe out and lose health while getting hit by an enemy or a dog will also cause you to lose health. You only have one life and if you lose it, you’ll be given the option to start the level over or just start the game over.

The graphics were good. Besides the intro, they weren’t totally amazing, but they weren’t bad either. I thought the graphics were good overall though. Bonus points for the decent portraits too as those were pretty well done although I thought one of the female characters reminded me of Aerial from The Little Mermaid.

The music was really good though. The intro and the first level music was really good I thought. The sound effects were exceptional because it featured voice talent on a NES. Few NES games ever offered that at all. Even if they did, it was pretty low quality like the voice talent found on Bad Dudes.

Overall, I thought this was a good game to play. Full points for an epic intro, decent points for the overall game play. Certainly worth the play through.


Furthest point in game: Made it to the third level of the rescue mission.

General gameplay: 19/25
Replay value: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Audio: 5/5

Overall rating: 84%

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