Review: Sisters of Mercy – More (Rock)

This review covers the gothic rock track Sisters of Mercy – More.

This track was released in 1990 on the album Vision Thing.

The track starts with a violin melody. An additional string backs it. A piano then joins in. An additional organ joins in as well. After this, some of these elements fade out as the vocals come in. The vocals are more or less quiet.

The main chorus comes in right when the electric guitars come in. Additional vocals come in during this section.

The next verse comes in with the electric guitars continuing. Eventually, the track fades back to the violin and piano elements. After a bit, the track starts to build up with an additional snare. After this, the main chorus hits just like last time, only there is an additional effect that plays out part way through.

Gradually, the track starts to fade out, leaving just the piano and remnants of the vocals. All the remaining elements then fade out after.

One thing I do like is the use of the violin. It really allows this track to be distinct in a small way. While it sounds like a cheap effect at first, when other elements layer over top of it, it actually makes the track sound pretty decent.

The downside for me is that the lyrics are a bit on the lean side. There could have been more to them. On the flip side, the main vocals are quite good even if the backup vocals are a bit on the iffy side.

Generally speaking, this isn’t a bad track. It has the distinct violin sound to make the track a bit more interesting. While the lyrics and backup vocals leave a bit to be desired, the main vocals are pretty good. An overall decent track.


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