Review: The Shamen – Move Any Mountain (I.R.P. in the Land of Oz) (House)

This review covers the house track The Shamen – Move Any Mountain (I.R.P. in the Land of Oz).

This track was released in 1991 as part of a single.

The track starts with a synth melody. A drum kit then starts to come in and builds the track up. The synth melody then disappears. A secondary synth melody joins the track. A synth string also joins in.

From there, the main brass-like melody comes in. Vocals also join the track, taking the track into the main chorus. From there, rap vocals take over, taking the track quickly into a verse. This is backed with a synth string melody. This section is capped off with the start of the main melody playing out.

At this point, the other vocals take the track into the main chorus again. This is capped off with a boom effect, removing most of the elements out of the track in the process. A synth melody helps build the track back up. The main melody then starts up again, backed by the secondary melody. A synth effect interrupts the main melodies briefly a few times.

After this, the vocals take the track into the main chorus again, but ping-ponging back and forth with the secondary vocals. The synth effect then interrupts the track a few times. After this, the track then starts breaking down. The last few elements then fade out.

One thing I like about the track is the brass-like lead melody. It really helps give this track a distinct sound overall. It works quite well to make this track sound quite good.

Another positive is the back and forth between singing vocals and rap vocals. Separately, they are pretty decent. Together, however, they offer a nice dynamic sound that strengthens the quality of the track.

Generally speaking, this is a pretty solid track. It has nice melodies and some good dynamics going on with the vocals. As a result, this track has some distinct sound and is definitely enjoyable. A track that gets a thumbs up from me.


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