Review: Sequential One – Happy Feelings (Extended Version) (Trance)

This review covers the hard trance track Sequential One – Happy Feelings (Extended Version).

This track was released in 1995 as part of a single.

The track starts with some percussion’s. The kick comes in. A subtle bassline then comes in. A voice sample then comes in.

After that, the track drops out, leaving only a synth. The kick them comes in. An additional synth then makes an appearance. The voice sample repeats. After some cymbal crashes, the rest of the drum kit comes in.

From there, a drop happens. A synth melody comes in as well as the vocals. After this, a main synth melody comes in along with the trance drum kit. The melody drops out as the vocal take back over in some more of the non-lyrical style. The voice sample comes in and the track drops.

A synth comes back along with the trance drum kit. After that, some more vocal samples come in for a bit. The track then drops out and the vocal samples come in with one of the synth melodies. After a brief drop, the full drum kit returns. When the cymbal crash happens, the vocals drop out and the main synth melody comes back again. A snare roll makes an appearance and an additional synth comes in. Some elements of the drum kit then start dropping out

The vocal sample then returns along with some pads. The vocal sample then leads the track out.

One thing is for sure, the faster BPM gives this track a bit of a happy hardcore touch without actually being happy hardcore. The vocal samples and voice samples definitely give this track an interesting sound. Even better is the fact that these elements are offset by some interesting synth melodies. The main synth melody is pretty good.

I also like the way the track drops. It actually fits very well with the voice sample. As such, the track does have some pretty good flow.

Overall, I would definitely call this a very solid track. It has some interesting vocals and voice samples. The synth melodies that offset the vocals work quite well. The flow works quite well as it fits the voice samples particularly well. So, a very solid track all around.


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