Review: Salt Tank – Eugina (Original Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Salt Tank – Eugina (Original Mix).

This track was released in 1994 as part of a single.

The track starts with a synth pad and synth chord. A bassline also is present. A synth string also joins the track. After that, a synth melody then joins in. A synth melody also starts to fade in. The kick then joins the track. The rest of the trance drum kit joins in. The melodies then drop out.

From there, another synth melody comes in. A synth melody then comes back in. The melodies then drop out and a voice sample comes in for a moment. An additional synth melody then joins in. Some synth effects are added part way through. The melody then drops out, leaving the previous melody to play out more fully. The other synth melody comes back, but is a bit more chopped up. After a bit, the melody comes back more fully again. Some synth pads and strings come in again. One of the melodies drops out again.

After this, the track then hits a drop. This leaves several synth pads as elements of the melody continue to play out. Some additional synth pads come in. The main melody then comes in. A guitar-like synth also comes in to back the main melody. A synth comes in.

From there, a number of synth elements drops out as the voice sample makes a return. After this, the track then reverts back to the trance drum kit again. Some synth elements are added. A more subtle voice sample also makes an appearance. Some synth pads come in again. The trance drum kit drops out, leaving several pads and a synth melody. A few elements drop out and the synth pads lead the track out.

This track definitely has a few things going for it. The guitar or guitar-like synth melodies work very well. They give the track a very pleasant sound. I also think the pads also add to the overall pleasant sound. The synth melodies that are added into the track also sound quite good.

For me, the one thing holding this track back is the fact that one of the synth melodies plays out for quite a long time. Because one of the melodies lasts for so long, I start to get bored part way through. Still, the track does pick things up eventually and continue to sound quite good.

Overall, if one of the melodies didn’t last so long, I would call this a great track. Still, there is a lot of things going for it such as the numerous synth melodies. The pads also help make the track a very pleasant listening experience. So, all in all, a very solid track if you ask me.


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