Review: Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy.

This track was released in 1992 on the album Up.

The track starts with some vocals with a subtle reverberation effect. After this, some electric guitars come in before the vocals then take over again. This section is capped off with some brass.

The vocals then return for a moment as they take the track into the main chorus. This is capped off with an instrumental section with an electric guitar.

From there, the vocals continue into the next verse. After a drum kit effect with the snare, the vocals go into the next round in the main chorus.

After a brass section, the vocals go into a very short verse. The track then quickly goes straight back into the main chorus again.

From there, the vocals go into the next verse. After that, the vocals suddenly help cut off the track at that point.

This is probably one of the more easily recognizable tracks from the 90s. If you lived through the 90s, you’ll likely have heard this track getting sampled somewhere. Chances are, it is from a comedy film, but it has been featured in many other kinds of productions as well. It is ultimately one of those unavoidable tracks just because it was everywhere at the time.

One peculiar thing about this track is that it is most recognizable for the verses. There is a main chorus and it isn’t bad. Still, the emphasis is on the verses thanks in part to the title. There really isn’t a whole lot of tracks out there that put so much focus on the verses like this track does. It ends up working, it’s just most unusual. More people remember this track for the verses over the main chorus.

The various elements such as the brass, guitar, and organ keys do give this track a nice variety throughout. Despite the incredibly repetitive lyrics, it does manage to stay fresh from beginning to end.

Another thing too is that this track is clearly crafted in jest. Little surprise that it is also very easily spoofed as satirical versions of the track were produced over the years since.

One problem is the sudden ending. While it lyrically made sense to end it like that, I’m not entirely sure about it still. It’s just so jarring is why I’m not a fan of it.

Another problem with this track is that it’s ultimately a love it or hate it track. I think the problem largely stems from whether or not you treat it as a joke track or not. If you think of this as a joke track, then it is enjoyable. Treat it seriously and it is quite cringe worthy. It ultimately depends on how you view the track in the end.

Overall, this is actually a decent track. There is some variety in the elements. It is unusual for a track to put so much emphasis on the verses instead of the main chorus, but it somehow works in this case. The problems stem from the sudden ending and this being a polarizing “love it or hate it” track. A decent track, but not for everyone.


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