Review: RedSound, SoundLift, Cathy Burton – Empty Echoing (Extended Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track RedSound, SoundLift, Cathy Burton – Empty Echoing (Extended Mix).

This track was released in 2019 as part of a single.

The track starts with a reverse cymbal. The drum kit then starts in along with a synth. A clap enters the track. Then, a snare roll makes an appearance. Another reverse cymbal makes an appearance before another synth joins the track. A vocal sample makes an appearance.

After a synth effect, the vocals then join the track. They are joined by the bassline. Another snare roll makes an appearance.

After another snare roll, the vocals hit the main chorus. They are joined by a piano. At the end, there is an additional snare roll before choir elements take over for the main vocals. The track breaks down as various elements are faded out. Some synth strings make an appearance. By the time the kick drops out, an orchestral element makes an appearance.

A synth effect makes an appearance as the vocals then repeat the main chorus. A synth string and synth arpeggio makes an appearance. After that, the piano returns along with some choir elements. The orchestral element makes a return as the vocals extend the main chorus.

A kick and snare roll returns as the synths take over along with the rest of the elements in the track. A snare roll makes an appearance and a reverse cymbal. The main vocals then go through the main chorus.

After that, the piano returns along with the choir elements. Parts of the main chorus continues. A reverse cymbal then makes an appearance as the vocals then drop out. A snare roll makes an appearance. After a reverse cymbal, a sweep takes over, leading the track out.

My first impression of this track is “Wow! That’s impressive!”

A big part of that reaction is thanks to the vocals. They work so well. They not only build the track up, but also carry through impressively throughout the track. Even just the choir elements works quite well. Just adding some reverberation and taking some of the dryness out of it is so simple, but so effective in just adding that layer in there.

Another positive in this track is the way this track is produced. It has a really good ebb and flow. Some elements only really appear in the quieter parts. This really speaks to not only the layers used, but also how they are used.

In addition to this, I thought the piano element, orchestral element, and the synth strings work quite well in giving this track just that added boost in emotion.

So, overall, this is a great track. I definitely recommend this one as it has so much going for it. the synths work quite well. Those vocals are on another level. The piano, orchestral element, and synth string just adds so much additional emotion to the track. So, a recommended track for sure. A great listen.


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