Review: Reconceal & Andy Blueman – The World to Come (Andy Blueman Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Reconceal & Andy Blueman – The World to Come (Andy Blueman Mix).

This track was released in 2009 on a single along with another mix and two remixes.

This is a track that is trance, but contains many orchestral elements as well. This has been a signature sound with Andy Blueman with other tracks like Sea Tides and Neverland being two other examples of this.

The orchestral elements were definite a major part of this track. They added quite a lot of powerful emotion throughout the track. Combined with that is the synth which punctuated that emotion very effectively.

The mastering of every element was also excellent. Nothing was drowned out or overbearing. So, the integration of every aspect of this track was well done.

The inclusion of the vocal samples was subtle, but quite effective. In some obscure way, it was like an audio version of silk over top of everything else.

With all the emotion permeating from this track, it was impossible to find anything to complain about in this track.

Overall, this was an excellent track. It combined orchestral and trance elements beautifully. The raw emotion was very well realized. The vocal samples were a nice touch. A very memorable track.


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