Review: Ralphie B. – Massive (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Ralphie B. – Massive.

This track was released in 2001 as part of a single. It was released along with the track Disclosure.

The track starts with a kick and some effects. Those effects have a reverberation effect added to them. A bassline makes an appearance. This bassline has a delay effect added to it. More parts of the drum kit join the track. Extra percussion work is also added. A second synth is then added. After that, high hats are added. One of the synths is a 303 synth.

From there, some secondary synth elements is added. Another synth joins the track, replacing some of the other smaller synths. A snare roll makes an appearance. After that, more of the synth melody joins the track. Parts of the drum kit then drop out.

After a synth effect, most of the track drops out. A synth string then takes over with an effect making the occasional appearance. After a subtle sweep, the main synth melody then joins the track. After some filtered white noise, another synth melody joins the track. This melody has a delay effect added to it. The bassline makes a subtle appearance after.

From there, the kick joins the track. Other parts of the drum kit then joins the track. Another synth effect makes an appearance at this stage. One of the synth melodies from earlier rejoins the track. After a bit, a cymbal crash makes an appearance and only a few synth effects along with the drum kit and bassline is left behind.

The track then builds back up with the re-inclusion of one of the synth melodies. The synth strings then returns. A snare roll then makes an appearance and most of the track drops out again. The kick and synth string is all that’s left.

From there, the main synth melody returns. A second synth melody returns. The synth string drops out. A kick and snare roll makes an appearance before the drum kit makes a return. One of the synth melodies returns. The main synth melody also returns for a bit. A third synth melody then makes an appearance. A crash makes another appearance and the track briefly drops out.

From there, the drum kit continues along with one of the synth melodies and bassline. After another crash, the bassline from the beginning of the track is left behind along with the drum kit. A snare roll makes an appearance and a synth effect leads the track out.

One thing I really enjoy about this track is the large amount of layering going on here. There must have been about three or four different synth melodies throughout the track. While this does ensure that the track has a lot of variety, it can be a bit much at times in that there’s no real one thing you can latch on to. There’s really no one synth melody that serves as the centre piece necessarily.

Meanwhile, the large number of synth effects really gives this track a nice amount of depth. As a result, you definitely can get a sense of overall sound evolution from beginning to end.

Also, the synth strings backing this track do sound quite nice. I thought this is well done.

Overall, this is a very solid track. It has a lot going for it. It may be a bit overwhelming with all the layers, but otherwise, I’d say this is a nice track worth listening to. This one gets a thumbs up from me.


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