Review: Pulser – My Religion (Progressive Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Pulser – My Religion.

This track was released in 2003 along with a remix.

One thing that is quite interesting to hear is a trance track that has an element of simplicity. This track has some of that and it is executed quite effectively.

The overall melody is mostly just a note between every beat. I thought this method of production really helped add an element of rhythm that is more typically produced through a side chain in more modern trance music. I thought this was a definite nice change of pace.

The bassline also emulates that level of simplicity found in the melody. It adds to that rhythm one can hear in this track. It’s simple, yet once again effective.

The string, synth, and other effects really elevated this track into something great.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable track. There’s that element of simplicity in bass and melody, yet it nicely executes a good rhythm and sound. While old, I think this track proves that there is that timelessness that makes a great track keep well. Definitely up there in one of the best trance tracks around.


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