Review: Prozzak – Strange Disease (Pop)

This review covers the dance pop track Prozzak – Strange Disease.

This track was released in 1998 on the album Hot Show.

The track starts with vocals followed quickly by guitars and a drum kit. The track ping pongs back and forth between vocals and the other elements in the intro with the kick the only thing being carried throughout.

From there, the vocals take the track into the main chorus with female backup vocals. An extra guitar element follows part way through. At the end, there is use of some backup vocals along with some added synth with some quick pitch bending.

The vocals then continue on with the next verse with that ping pong effect again. After a bit, some female vocals come in along with some choir elements. The main vocals rejoin the track to offer feedback to the female vocals.

From there, the vocals use an element from the main chorus. After that, the track goes back into an instrumental section which includes a guitar solo. The vocals come back in a more whispered tone.

After that, the vocals go through a part of a verse with an altered backing. After that, the vocals take the track into the main chorus again. There’s a notable drum n bass element throughout the track. After that, the track gradually fades out on the instrumental section.

This is one of those tracks that utilizes a bunch of different influences. On execution, those influences are definitely a bit subtle, but they add a lot to the track. There’s the kick that could easily come from trance music. There are some percussion’s that could easily have been inspired by breakbeat or drum n bass. The guitars can definitely be found in soft rock tracks as well. Finally, the vocals can definitely be found in pop music. So, there is definitely a lot of influences if you listen for them found in this track.

What I do like about this track is the lyrics. Not only do they give this track a definite mood throughout, but it tells a full fledged story in the process. The inclusion of some female vocals is unexpected and adds so much further depth to the lyrics. So, I am definitely impressed by that.

The various influences in this track really come well together. As such, you get a huge range of sound that can appeal to a lot of different tastes. What’s more impressive is how well everything sounds together. Sometimes, you get some cookie cutter sounds slapped together and it mixes about as well as water and oil. In this case, everything sounds so natural together that you can’t even imagine them not mixing well together. So, this is definitely well done.

In addition to this, there is that sense of overall progression throughout the track. From beginning to end, there is something new thrown into the mix. Sometimes, that has that meandering and aimless effect, but in this case, each section builds the track up further and further. So, that is definitely a positive for me.

My only complaint in this track is that there are occasions where the accent in the main vocals gets in the way of the lyrics a little. As such, a bit of meaning is loss on certain parts. For the most part, it isn’t bad, but there is some lost lyrics in there.

Still, there is a lot to appreciate in this track. The lyrics not only offer an interesting mood, but tells a full fledged story. In addition, the various influences come together so well, you forget that they don’t always go well together. That level of progression throughout the track works extremely well. The inclusion of the female works very well. The lost lyrics part way through the track does pull this track back a bit, but it still works very well. A great track all around.


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