Review: Propellerheads – Spybreak! (Short One) (Breakbeat)

This review covers the breakbeat track Propellerheads – SpyBreak! (Short One).

This track was released in 1999 as part of The Matrix official soundtrack. Previously, we reviewed the track Rob D. – Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix) from the same soundtrack and thought it was great. We also listened to Lunatic Calm – Leave You Far Behind. That track also scored quite well. So, we thought we’d try this track to see if it is also a good one to listen to.

The track starts off with an effect along with a bassline. A voice sample makes an appearance before the drum kit kicks in. A secondary melody enters along with some subtle background effects. A whispering sample is also introduced.

A brief snare roll hits before the bassline is altered. A brief cymbal crash is also present in the transition. Another effect makes a brief appearance. After a bit, a synth melody with a subtle wah effect enters the track. A snare roll then makes an appearance, leaving just the wah synth and an effect.

Some scratching then enters before the drum kit takes over again. A subtle effect backs it. Another set of scratching before a voice sample makes a whispering return. There’s a slow stutter effect before a short drop.

From there, a short snare roll hits before the drum kit, bassline, and some effects return. The subtle whispering voice sample from earlier on in the track returns for a bit. After that, the bassline alters. A synth effect makes a brief appearance before the bassline goes back to the original set of notes.

The track then drops out, leaving just an effect. This effect gradually fades out.

This track ultimately became synonymous with the movie it appeared in. It’s also safe to say it is also an iconic element as it also appears in a rather iconic scene from the movie. Hard to really listen to this track without thinking of the movie in general.

One thing I like about the track is the fact that there is a lot of layers going on in the track. It doesn’t rely almost exclusively on any one element to carry the track through. Instead, there is actually a set of elements to really make this track come alive.

There is also a nod to older house and breakbeat tracks where there is a bit of mix and matching going on. Some of the layers pull back and leave the other elements to have a bit of a quasi-solo. It works quite well in this track.

Another positive aspect of the track is that the different sections have nice transitions. This allows for some good flow from beginning to end. Some sections are more pulled back then others while other sections go full throttle. It ultimately comes together very nicely.

Overall, this is a great action type track. It has good energy, nice transitions, and well thought out layers. It features good flow throughout and winds up being a very worthwhile track to listen to. A great track all around.


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