Review: The Prodigy – Breathe (Breakbeat)

This review covers the big beat track The Prodigy – Breathe.

This track was released in 1997 on the album The Fat of the Land.

The track starts off with a guitar riff. After a few drum hits, the bassline and breakbeat drum kit comes in. A vocal element makes an appearance as a few effects compliment the sound. A string sweep also makes appearances.

After one final sweep of the strings, the vocals come in for a verse. A subtle lead guitar comes in. The vocals then take the track into the main chorus.

From there, the track breaks down, leaving only a synth string and some guitar strum sounds. The bassline then returns. After a sweep with the strings, the vocals then return, repeating the first verse and main chorus. The track then breaks down, leaving only the bassline.

Some drum kit elements and the subtle guitar comes in. A few additional effects also make an appearance. After that, the track breaks down again, leaving the guitar riff. The track then builds back up with effects and the breakbeat drum kit. This buildup is very similar to the first build up at the beginning of the track.

The vocals then return for a main chorus. Some backup vocals also compliment the vocals like the other times. After that, the track breaks down with a filtered drum kit leading the track out.

For me, the part of the track that get’s a thumbs up from me is the way in which it builds up. The guitar riff towards the beginning is distinct and sets the mood for the track nicely.

Another strength is the breakbeat drum kit. This adds that level of aggression that compliments the overall mood presented in the track.

Where this track falls short, however, is the fact that the buildup doesn’t really lead to a whole lot. The vocals are pretty slurred. To make matters worse, there isn’t much in the way of lyrics as well. As such, this track ends up being pretty anti-climactic.

Overall, this is an OK track. The build-up is quite good as the guitar riff and the breakbeat drumkit really sets the mood to the overall track. Unfortunately, what follows isn’t much as the vocals don’t end up doing a whole lot for the track. Still, it is an OK track.


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