Review: Predator & Angerfist – Legend (Hardcore)

This review covers the gabber hardcore track Predator & Angerfist – Legend.

This track was released in 2009 along with 2 other tracks.

The track starts off with some general synth and effects. It certainly adds an interesting effect that is relatively unique from the get go. After this, there is a more “breathy” effect after the breakdown. From there, it goes into a more orchestral effect.

After this, there is a voice sample which makes up the guts of the track. If you are wondering where the sample even came from, it turns out, it comes from the trailer for the video game Prince of Persia 4. While the voice sample may give this track a hint of cliche, it ultimately works well for this track anyway.

The reason the slightly cliche voice sample works is thanks in part to the maniacal scream and the other effects thrown in. Keep in mind that this is also a hardcore track which also feeds into why the voice sample works.

The main melody that appears after only adds to how great this track ultimately is. The main melody gives this track such an interesting energy. Already, since this is hardcore, you’re going to expect a lot of energy to begin with, but the energy is slightly different from the usual anger or rage I’ve heard from other tracks. In this case, the energy is more energizing seated in the themes of conflict.

Overall, this is quite the great track to listen to. It is one of the few tracks I’ve heard that I can say is friendly to those who aren’t really used to the hardcore genre. While hardcore isn’t for everyone, this track can be a good one to see if someone could be interested in the genre in the first place. The voice sample is great even though it may be a little cliche. Still, it works thanks to what is added to it. So, I will say this is definitely a recommended track.


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