Review: Planet Bliss – Tekest (Uptempo)

This review covers the uptempo track Planet Bliss – Tekest.

It is unclear when this track was released. Metadata obtained by Freezenet suggests that it is either 2002 (more likely) or 2005 (also possible). In any event, it was released online for free.

The track starts off with a kick and a hi hat sound. From there, it utilized a number of subtle pads, some hat work and some effects. This is backed by some string elements as well to give the track a bit of a melody.

After a bit of this, the track then has a bassline added. This is probably the most interesting part of the track. The bassline almost serves as the main melody at the same time as being the bassline. This isn’t something that we’ve heard that often in music, but it actually works quite well the way everything sits in the track itself.

After the bassline portion, the track drops off a fair bit. After a small amount of buildup, the bassline returns, but is different in that it is heard less. A secondary melody comes in to balance things out nicely.

After a while, the track gradually breaks down with some synth elements heard at the beginning of the track.

What I like about the bassline is the fact that it utilizes both sliding and non-sliding notes. This helps make the bassline much more interesting as you can tell how much effort and emphasis is put into this element.

The overall relaxation elements in the track is very well realized. The pads and synth really work well to give the track a rather refreshing sound, but at the same time, wind up being not all that overpowering at the same time.

While the track is a fairly background-like one, it varies nicely throughout to keep itself rather refreshing from beginning to end. While there are elements that do repeat to keep its structure, it does evolve in interestingly subtle ways. Whether this is through the addition of an additional melody or changing up some of the effects, this track evolves nicely.

Overall, this is a very good track to relax to. If you want something that seems rather peaceful and little else, this is definitely a good track to listen to. The bassline, interestingly enough does double duty serving as a main melody and as the tracks, well, bassline. This gives the track a nice sound – especially with some of the occasionally sliding notes. A track definitely worth listening to to say the least.


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