Review: Paul Webster Ft. Angelic Amanda ‎– Time (Sean Tyas Dub Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Paul Webster Ft Angelic Amanda ‎– Time (Sean Tyas Dub Mix).

This track was released in 2009. It was released along with a number of other versions.

One of the great elements in this track is definitely the main melody. The broken chord style melody worked very well with the overall sound. The added complexity where it continually varied also added to the overall sound.

The flow also made this a very good listen. The way the track almost completely faded out and had little more than a water drop sound before gradually building back up through some synthetic strings helped elevate this sound.

The piano added a nice dimension to the overall track. While not a major part, it was there in varying levels of presence.

Another positive element is the added effects that broke up the sound a bit. I thought this made the whole track truly worth listening to.

If this track added something else to balance things out, it wouldn’t have that sense of repetition. However, this only keeps this track from scoring higher than an 8 as it’s still a great listen.

Overall, this was a great track to listen to. The melody was fantastic, the piano keys were great, the overall flow was nice, and the eff4ects thrown in helped make this track truly worth listneing to from beginning to end. A great track all around.


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