Review: Orbital – Style (Electro)

This review covers the electro track Orbital – Style.

This track was released in 1999 on the album The Middle of Nowhere.

The track starts with a long note bassline. A second synth makes an appearance. A third synth also makes an appearance. Other synths start to form a melody. A synthetic drum kit then makes an appearance along with some subtle synth effects. The melodies then make a few variations.

After that, several synths drop out and a new bassline comes in. A more acoustic drumkit then makes an appearance along with some additional synth effects. Some have a bit of a panning effect. More synth effects get layered into the overall sound. A synth melody then makes an appearance. Several elements then drop out, leaving the two drum its and a few effects.

A pair of synth effects then take over as the drumkit drop out. A voice sample then makes an appearance. Some of the synth effects return along with the synthetic drumkit. Additional synth effects come in.

From there, the acoustic drumkit returns. After a little while, the track then loses the drumkits. The synths gradually drop out, leaving a few effects as well as the bassline. The bassline then drops out.

For me, this is one of those tracks that might appease certain music fans, but I’m not sure it is one that can be inclusive. It can very easily appeal to those who are into chiptune music. Beyond that, it’s difficult to say who else this track can appeal to.

The track does feature an interesting flow from beginning to end. The multitude of layering involved actually allows for a fairly unique way to give this track flow.

At the same time, I don’t find myself really following this track from beginning to end. It might be an interesting one to sample, but listening to the track in its entirety, on the other hand, is not something I see myself doing that often.

Overall, this is a fairly average track. It does feature some interesting ideas to give a track flow. The layering is actually quite interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t see this track as having a whole lot of broad appeal to it outside of chiptune fans. So, an OK track, but there’s a lot better out there.


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