Review: OpenAir – Anti Climax (Progressive House)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the progressive house track OpenAir – AntiClimax.

This particular track was released in 2007 along with a few remixes.

The track starts off with a light ambient-like melody, then opens up into a nice full side-chained bass with some vocal samples greeting you on the way in.

What is noticeable about this track is the fact that while there is a nice rich progression throughout the track, the main melody is ultimately a very simple bassline repeating all the way through. Now, the risk about having a very simple and repeating melody is that it can cause a track to get incredibly boring and even make it sound like a generic track. A track like that needs to really find a way to spark and be simple, yet effective. This is one of those tracks where the simple melody works really well. It’s impressive what can be accomplished with 5 notes.

There are melodies interspersed throughout this track. While they all have their own place, the 5 note bassline is what really binds this track together. Still, the other melodies really helps push this track forward and causes it to never really fall off the rails into the pit of boredom. I found myself listening to this track numerous times and this track really never loses it’s edge. I can bob my head to the melody the first time and the 25th time without a problem.

So, overall, this was a great track to listen to.



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