Review: Nosferatu – When Angels Cry (Gabber Hardcore)

This review covers the gabber hardcore track Nosferatu – When Angels Cry.

This track was released in 2009 along with Nightmare Mash-up.

Contrary to what some might assume by the title, this track has absolutely nothing to do with the track System of a Down – Chop Suey. It is easy to see why some might think they would be related, but this is definitely different.

A defining element in this track is this sense of a demonic murderous villain pulled from the depths of pure evil. The layers of horrific sounds throughout the track from the evil gravelly warped voice to the soft, yet chilling vocals backed by the soft bells you would expect to be associated with a child’s playroom (not necessarily the worlds most original thing, but is still effective here).

The overall layers of melody really helped punctuate the effectiveness of the many kinds of voicework throughout the track. That was quite well done.

One big criticism I have of this track is the flow. The track does a really good job with its breakdown and the first buildup. Unfortunately, after a second artful breakdown, there is literally no build up again. The track eventually breaks down to nothing, then punches through with heavy synths after a voice sample. The flow becomes jarring and really kills what momentum this track gained for most of it. A real disappointment to an otherwise great track.

Generally speaking, this is a pretty well produced track. It had great samples and vocals. The melodies really punctuated the emotion. The flow was great up to the second buildup which really hurt the overall listening experience. Still, there’s plenty to enjoy in this track if you want something terrifying for, say, a Halloween setting.


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