Review: Nosferatu – Strength (Hardcore)

This review covers the gabber hardcore track Nosferatu – Strength.

This track was released in 2013 on the album Strength.

The track starts out quietly. It almost sounds like a movie where someone contemplates starting their life over. It’s not a typical start to a hardcore track, but was an interesting start nevertheless.

The main melody was well done. It has a very subtle rhythm that is extremely quick, but the broken up notes give it a very fast rhythm. The overall melody works extremely well in the tracks favor.

The drum n bass section was certainly an unexpected element. While unexpected, it did meld in with the rest of the track. I’m not entirely sure if it works to strengthen the quality of the track, but it was different.

The intro melody worked very well for this track. It built up this track nicely. The sliding note melody after the breakdown worked nicely as well.

There is also a long voice sample. While the synth backing it worked quite well, I found it was too long. It almost gave the track a bit of a moment of rambling more than actual music. It probably could have been broken up into two sections, really.

Generally speaking, this track has its strengths and weaknesses. The melodies, by and large, are the strengths. The drum n bass elements thrown in are unexpected. I’m not sure if the track is any better off with it, though. The voice samples in the beginning and end were pretty good. The voice sample after the breakdown was a little long and rambling, though. A decent track all around.


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