Review: Nicki Minaj – Starships (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Nicki Minaj – Starships.

This track was released in 2012 on the album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

The track starts off with a guitar and a vocal portion.

Once it gets to the four to the floor section, it was briefly OK, but once it hit the chorus, the lyrics quickly fall into the cliche zone.

The track then breaks down into a repeating synth that slides from one off key note to another.

The first verse is highly sexualized clearly because, uh, I have no idea.

Sections of this quite are quite short, so even if I could enjoy any part of this track, I would never get a chance to.

Right in the middle, the track pays a tribute to a nursery rhyme, but it seems just out of place more than anything else – especially given what is said in the verses.

Overall, at best, this track briefly uses overly-used synths and cliches. It all goes downhill from there. In terms of trying to find something that is enjoyable, you have to dig deep into this one just to find it. Even if you could enjoy some parts of the track, the sections were too brief. There were offkey synths and a random out of place nursery rhyme thrown in. Overall, this was a pretty bad one.


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