Review: Nick Jonas – Jealous (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Nick – Jealous.

This track was released in 2014 on a self-titled album.

A main element in this track is the vocals. Essentially, think of ‘N Sync with slightly less mumbling and you get what you hear in this track. Unfortunately, the vocals strives to do little more than sound like an ‘N Sync soundalike, so the originality in sound is a bit lacking.

The lyrics falls into the trap of using very generic and overly used terms while at the same time doing little to paint meaning. As a result, the lyrics are simply flat and unimaginative.

The piano wasn’t bad. There was nothing in the piano portions that made me think the artist wanted to strive to do anything real creative with it, but it was there. The other elements were half ways decent, but they did nothing particularly special.

The only positive thing of note that I can think of was using a slower BPM – essentially utilizing some R&B elements, did work fairly well for the track. Beyond that, I can’t really think of anything noteworthy that makes me give this track a thumbs up.

Ultimately, this track’s main elements – the vocals and the lyrics – fell flat. They failed to deliver on anything imaginative, unique, or even remotely different from many other tracks I’ve heard before. The other elements were half way decent, but didn’t really deliver much of a “wow” factor. Because of this, nothing carried through that was even remotely memorable which leaves this track in the “soundalike” category at best and plain boring at worst.


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