Review: Neurotech – Sacrifice (Synth-Pop)

This review covers the synth-pop track Neurotech – Sacrifice.

This track was released in 2014 as a pay-what-you-want release. It was released on the album Infra Versus Ultra.

This track takes on a darker tone at the beginning. The vocals and grungy synth effects really play into this.

The vocals throughout the track have a very filtered vo-coded sound. While they are quite good, what makes them great is what this track was layered with.

Layering is what really makes this track tick. The synth pads, the effects, and the general effects all helped with this. The layering in of the main melody really pushed this track into the realm of greatness.

What also gets a thumbs up from me is the piano that was added in briefly. It only appeared for a moment, but did its job nicely.

Overall, this was a great track. It has good vocals that was layered very nicely with the other elements. The main melody pushed the quality of this track. A great track in my view.


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