Review: Ms. Pac Man (Atari 5200)

By Drew Wilson

In this review, we check out another port of the famed Pac Man Counterpart, Ms. Pac Man. This survival game was ported to the Atari 5200. Is this a port worthy of our attention? We look into it.

This particular port was released in 1983. We’ve already reviewed Ms. Pac Man for the Atari 7800, so if you want a tear down of what the game mechanics are like, check out our Atari 7800 review. This review will focus on the differences between the two versions.

Those differences are, well, hard to find. The only real differences are in the graphics and audio department.

In the graphics department, this game has only subtle differences. Really, the graphics are, in a subtle way, not as good as the Atari 7800, but really, hardware limitations would easily account for the subtle differences. Some of the colors are different in the cut scenes. The cut scene intro is different in that instead of an actual picture, there’s just text depicting the different acts.

The audio is different, but only in minor ways. There’s still a jingle between the levels. There’s still the Pac Man eating sounds. The only thing I found was that the audio might be a little quieter and the quality of the sound might be reduced (again, this is likely due to hardware limitations more than anything else).

Overall, this is a great game. If you’ve played the Atari 7800 version, you’ve played this game. The differences are so minute, that they don’t make this a different game.


Furthest point in game: Almost beat the 6th level, but got boxed in by three of the ghosts in the process of trying to complete this level.

General gameplay: 18/25
Replay value: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10
Audio: 3/5

Overall rating: 70%

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