Review: – Synchronize (Synth-Pop)

This review covers the synth-pop track – Synchronize.

This track was released in 2015 on the album Memories.

Probably one of the biggest strength this track has is the lyrics. The reason is that there are numerous interpretations people can get out of them. One interpretation is that they are quite appropriate for those who like building things. A second interpretation is that they warn about how technology can be stripping out ones own humanity. A third interpretation is that technology is enhancing our humanity by saving us from mortality. Regardless of which interpretation one can get out of this, it is not the usual subject of lyrical music. Because of this, this ends up being a big strength in this track.

The vocals is both a big strength and weakness. It’s a strength because of the filtering that was employed. They are given a sound that differentiates it from other lyrical tracks out there. The reason it is a weakness is because the filtering may have been laid on a little thick. Because of this, it can be a little tough hearing some of the lyrics.

The melodies during the verses do a pretty good job at balancing out the vocals. The sliding notes work pretty well in this case.

The chorus was probably the best part with the melodies. A lot of pad was and chord synth was brought in and everything was brought forward. It worked quite well.

Probably the only criticism I have with this track was the mastering. The versus and chorus have two totally different audio levels. Either the chorus needs to be stepped back a little or the verses need to be brought forward – or maybe a little bit of both. Either way, there is a bit of a disconnect between the two parts of the track.

Still, this was a very well conceived track. It has some very well thought out and unique lyrics, the vocals have both strengths and weaknesses, and the chorus really did bring the track together. The mastering could have been improved a little, but this is still a track worth listening to.


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