Review: Mike Foyle – Pandora (Original Mix) (Progressive Trance)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the progressive trance track Mike Foyle – Pandora (Original Mix).

This particular track was released in 2008 along with the Blizzard remix.

There is a lot that stands out for me. There’s the excellent melody towards the beginning, but the track surprisingly gets even better with the piano solo. The track takes off just that much more when both elements are combined to add that much more power and emotion.

I thought there were also a lot of neat subtle elements like the subtle drums part way through the piano solo and the small little effects nicely sprinkled throughout. It’s the little things that really put a nice final touch to this track.

Overall, this was an excellent track to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it and found there really wasn’t much to complain about in this one. A highly recommended track.


Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85

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