Review: MIDIman – Super Metroid (Mega Dance Mix 2002) (Dance)

This review covers the dance track MIDIman – Super Metroid (Mega Dance Mix 2002).

This track was released in 2002 online for free. It’s supposed to be a remix of the theme song of Super Metroid of the SNES.

The track starts off with a synthetic bell-like melody. It is followed up by what is probably the only apparent relation to the game – the vocoded voice sample.

From there, the track features a banjo-like melody backed by synths and pads. The melody worked quite well, though the pads it was backed by gave the track a very relaxing and chilled sound. Not something I would expect by a side-scrolling action, or run and gun, game.

The overall construction was done well. The different sections melded together very smoothly and nicely.

One of my criticisms was that it was almost too laid back. The game features white-knuckled action – something that this track just doesn’t portray. While I can sort of see it with the main melody, almost nothing else about the track really said “Metroid” to me.

Another thing is that I can’t even really hear the intro in this track. I’ve listened to the original version of this track and can’t really hear the similarity at all. If it weren’t for the voice sample and the title, I would never have heard this track and said, “Ah, Metroid!”. As a result, I don’t think this was even a remix, let alone a simple mix. It was practically an original track as far as I can tell.

Overall, while this is a nicely mixed track and had some good soothing elements, almost nothing about this track really said “Metroid” to me. The main melody does add some much-needed energy to the track, though. So, a good all around track, but nothing huge.


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