Review: Metallica – I Disappear (Rock)

This review covers the heavy metal track Metallica – I Disappear.

This track was released in 2000 as a single.

The track starts off with some random voices. After that, a high hat enters the track. The lead guitars then join the track. Shortly after, the main vocals join the track. This section is capped off with a short instrumental section.

From there, the vocals then rejoin the track. Lyrics are repeated. The lead guitars drop back a bit after that.

A snare roll then makes an appearance as the vocals hit the main chorus.

From there, more lyrics are repeated with a few mild alterations. Shortly after, the vocals take the track into a lengthier main chorus. This is backed by the same snare roll. An instrumental section then enters the track. A guitar solo then makes an appearance. From there, an additional instrumental section hits.

After that, the main chorus is repeated with a different backing. This is capped off by an instrumental section which quickly leads the track out.

The first thing I notice with this track is that the lyrics are very repetitive. I get that the odd line is adjusted slightly every time, but the variations wind up being a footnote in the overall repetition in the track. As such, I find this track to be very repetitive with little lasting appeal.

There is some variation in the backing elements. This plays a minor roll in making this track seem less repetitive, but this track still ends up being a repetitive track for me.

The guitar work is reasonable. That guitar solo does give this track something worth listening to.

Finally, my very common complaint with tracks by this artist is that the lyrics are hard to understand. In this track, the vocals don’t do that great of a job on improving this problem.

Overall, on the positive side, the guitar work and solo actually give this track a reason to listen to it. It’s unfortunate that the lyrics are both hard to understand and repetitive at the same time. In the end, thanks to the repetition, there is very little lasting appeal for this track. So, a mediocre and forgettable track in my opinion.


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