Review: Menno de Jong – Ananda (Extended Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Menno de Jong – Ananda (Extended Mix).

This track was released in 2018 as a single.

The track starts with a drum kit as well as a synth effect. A voice sample with a delay effect makes an appearance. The bassline then makes an appearance. An effect enters the track and a synth melody makes an appearance. The synth effect has a side-chain effect.

The kick then suddenly gets a pitch bent drill effect right before the drop. This is replaced by another voice sample and the side-chained effect. After the voice sample, the main synth melody returns. Some synths get layered in as well. Some automated filters also vary the side-chained effect.

After an effect, a second bassline with longer notes appears. The cutoff of the main synth melody has some automation applied for a bit. The kick also returns. Elements drop out and a smaller part of the main synth melody repeats.

From there, the main synth melody takes over as the drum kit becomes more full. It is joined by the first bassline. Some additional effects are added with a stutter effect. Some sweeps also make an appearance. After a cymbal crash, some smaller parts of the track drop back. Then, parts of the drum kit also drop out. Cutoff frequency is adjusted on the main synth melody.

After a sweep, the second bassline makes a return as the main synth melody drops out. The side-chained synth effect is also present. The voice sample returns and a sweep carries the track out.

The first thing that stands out to me is the main synth melody. This element really makes this track tick in my view. Of course, it’s not enough to have a great main melody. Instead, this track takes that main melody and adjusts cutoff frequencies, adds and subtracts elements, and even adjusts the notes on top of it all. All of which give this track a very nice sense of progression.

Over and above that, there are some voice samples thrown in. While they are largely unintelligible for the most part, they add a great sense of authenticity to the track. So, what is said really doesn’t matter that much even though it has that air of inspiration to them. It’s easy to hear that it’s some sort of speech and that’s all that really needs to come across here. It really gives this track a nice sense of dimension.

In addition to this, the way this track progresses is great. It has a great flow between the drop and the main part. It even breaks down nicely which you don’t often hear in a track. Some producers seem to think that a final breakdown is a final breakdown. So, they just randomly pull elements out until there’s no track left. In this, I can hear that there is some thought to this breakdown. It gives the track a very clean sound from beginning to end.

Overall, this is a great track to listen to. It has some great melody work and great progression. The voice sample sounds great. In the end, I really enjoy listening to this track over and over again. So, great track all around.


Drew Wilson on Twitter: @icecube85 and Facebook.

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