Review: Matchbox 20 – 3 A.M. (Rock)

This review covers the alternate rock track Matchbox 20 – 3 A.M.

This track was released in 1996 on the album Yourself or Someone Like You.

The vocals is one aspect of this track. The speed in which the lyrics are belted out are all over the map. The faster portions give me that feeling that too many words were crammed into a small section of the track. On the plus side, the vocals have an interesting texture to them with the pitch wobble.

The guitars were OK. They give the track a full sound in spite of the emphasis on the acoustic sound. The downside is that they don’t really do much to make the track very memorable.

On the plus side, this track does have a decent structure going for it. There is some logical flow from beginning to end.

At the end of the day, this track is quite nondescript. The lyrics were occasionally crammed into small sections of the track from time to time. The guitars do fill the audio space, but don’t do much beyond that. As a result, this was a really average track.


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