Review: Marilyn Manson – The Horrible People (Rock)

This review covers the industrial rock track Marilyn Manson – The Horrible People.

This track was released in 1997 on the album Remix & Repent.

The track starts off with what sounds like a classical jazz track. After that, guitars then come in along with an effect. The vocals also come in in a non-lyrical manner. Some of the percussion work has filtering added to them. A vocal returns that is also heavily filtered.

From there, the vocals come in with some EQ filtering added to it. They kick things off with a short verse. This is shortly followed up with elements of the main chorus.

Suddenly, the track slips into a drum and bass style track. From there, the track flips back to a rock track as the vocals carry on with a verse. This is capped off with an instrumental section. The vocals then come back in a non-lyrical manner. Shortly after, the vocals take the track into the main chorus. A somewhat instrumental section follows.

The vocals then take the track into another verse. After this, another drum and bass like section follows. From there, the rock style takes over again as the track hits another instrumental section.

The filtered vocals then make a return. The track then suddenly cuts to a cartoon style set of sounds and ends.

One way to describe this track is one with a fair amount of randomness thrown in. Weirdly enough, this is both a strength and weakness for this track. The random drum and bass like sections just sound out of place and disrupts the tracks flow. The fact that these sections are short also makes it sound like they were just randomly spliced into the track for almost no reason. Now, the strength is probably at the end where you get that Warner Brothers-like sound at the end. I thought it added a good sense of humour at the end given the style of the rest of the track. So, that is why the randomness is both a strength and weakness here.

The rest of the track is actually decent enough. The vocals both filtered and unfiltered actually work quite well. In fact, I would say this is one of those tracks I would half expect to be found in a Twisted Metal game even. It would actually fit in quite well. I like the overall industrial Mad Max sound that is found here.

Overall, this track has some well realized vibes going on throughout. The vocals, rock, and filtered drums work quite well. The random nature of the spliced in drum and bass sections, unfortunately, hold this track back a fair bit. Still, the ending actually offers an unexpected sense of humour at the end. So, a pretty decent track all around.


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