Review: Man With No Name – Sly-Ed (Psytrance)

This review covers the goa trance track Man With No Name – Sly-Ed.

This track was released in 1994 as part of a single.

The track starts with a synth effect. A secondary effect comes in. A synth melody comes in after that. The kick and the rest of the trance drum kick then comes in. A number of elements drop off before a bassline comes in. The drum kit then returns. A synth melody with an automated cut-off frequency comes in. A synth melody comes in. From there, an additional synth melody comes in. A cymbal crash then hits.

Going forward, some elements do drop out, leaving a few synth melodies to occupy more sound space. A snare roll comes in. From there, a synth melody takes over. After another cymbal crash, that melody ends and a previously heard synth melody comes in after. A few synth effects accompany this melody.

From there, a number of synth effects and melodies take over as a drop hits. Another synth melody takes over. The trance drum kit makes a return after. A snare roll comes in and a synth melody makes a return. Another drop happens, leaving only a synth melody and a few effects. A synth pad then leads the track out.

This track definitely has a nice number of layers. As a result, the overall sound ends up sounding pretty good. I also think the synth melodies end up working out pretty well. In addition to this, the drops give this track a nice flow overall.

Overall, this track does have a fair number of things going for it. The numerous synth effects come together quite well. The synth melodies definitely give this track a nice sound. Even the drops work quite well with the pads, giving the track a nice flow. So, an overall very solid track.


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