Review: Liquid Soul & DJ Dream – Liquid Dream (Original Mix) (Psytrance)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the psytrance track Liquid Soul & DJ Dream – Liquid Dream (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2014.

One thing I’ve noticed a lot about more modern psytrance tracks is that a lot of them begin to all sound the same. It’s just kick and bass drum with the odd effect here and there, but nothing that would really carry the track. Now, having said that, this track doesn’t follow along that trend.

This track has a bit of a melody going for it. In addition, there’s some nice synths to go along with the bassline and kick. It has a decent amount of buildup. There’s even a decent amount of 404 synthesis going along with it all.

This track doesn’t seem to be overly ambitious, but it does provide some decent entertainment. I was honestly hoping for some more to the melody so that it really pushes the envelope, but what is there is good.

Overall, this track was a good one to listen to. It wasn’t exactly mind blowing, but it wasn’t bad either. Definitely an interesting track to listen to at least once.


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