Review: Lifehouse – Hanging By a Moment (Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track Lifehouse – Hanging by a Moment.

This track was released in 2000 on the album No Name Face.

The track starts off with two guitars and a high hat. The main vocals then come in. Backup vocals then make a brief appearance. This follows a brief instrumental section.

After that, the vocals then continue on with brief appearances from the backup vocals. Then, the vocals take the track into the main chorus. They are joined by the lead guitars. Towards the end, there is a subtle piano that joins the track for a short period. After a bit, the guitars lead the section out.

The more acoustic guitars return and build the track up a bit. The main vocals rejoin the track. After an effect, the track goes back into the main chorus. This main chorus is slightly altered from the previous round. After this, the guitars lead the track out.

For me, the initial reaction is quite positive. A lot of the elements that are there work quite well. The thing is, however, is that this track does rely a bit too heavily on the main chorus. Without the main chorus, there actually isn’t a whole lot of track left. The verses are a bit brief and the numbers are quite low in my view. As such, I think the lasting appeal of this track isn’t that great.

Still, the main chorus works quite well. Everything does come together quite nicely between the backup vocals, guitar, and main vocals.

What verses are present does give the track a nice flow.

So, overall, I think it could have had better variety. What is there is actually quite good, though. The main chorus works well and what few short verses are there is pretty decent. Everything came together nicely. I just think it could have been more full is all. Still a worthwhile track to listen to.


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