Review: Lexwood Ft. Ferrin & Low – Chimaera (Original Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Lexwood Ft. Ferrin & Low – Chimaera (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2008 as a single.

The track starts with a heavy percussion drum kit along with the standard trance drum kit. A synth effect comes in along with a snare roll. From there, a bassline then comes in with the several percussion;s disappearing for a moment. Some of those percussion’s gradually come back along with a secondary synth melody coming in. A choir element makes an appearance along with a voice sample. Some elements do drop out again. Another synth effect makes an appearance as several of the percussion’s make a return again. More synth effects are sprinkled in. After that, another synth melody come in. From there, the track gradually starts to break down for the drop.

Several choir elements then come in as the drop gradually sets in. Some synth effects take the track into the drop the rest of the way. Elements of the main melody then starts to come in, backed by some synth pads. Choir elements also continue on making brief appearances. A secondary synth melody then comes in. A previous melody then starts coming in again to help build the track up. A stuttering effect is then added to the choir for a moment as the track finishes the drop.

From there, the drum kit continues. The main melody continues on along with one of the secondary melodies in the background. Another secondary melody continues on with the track. A snare roll signals the end of the section.

The main melody then continues as the drum kit fades away. After a while, the main melody ends and the track begins the process of breaking down along with several choir elements. Some synths start to pull back bit by bit. The percussion’s also start pulling back. A synth effect and a choir element then come in and lead the track out.

Right from the get go, you know you’re not in for a standard trance track. This track is absolutely loaded with percussion elements that is layered over top of an expected trance drum kit. I like this because it doesn’t just wait around to be different. It almost punches you in the face with “I am different” from the very start. It actually sounds quite good from the very first second.

Another positive about this track is that this track has multiple melodies. One melody is used for the higher energy portions of the track. Another melody is used for the slower parts of the track. I found this to be a rather interesting concept. It ultimately works quite well. Both sound nice separately. Together, they give this track a lot of dynamic sound. This is over top of the unique sound already found here.

To add to this, there are a lot of elements that sort of float in and out of the track. The choir elements and the various pads that back this track so well is constantly evolving. Really, a single one of either one would have worked, but this takes so few shortcuts, that even the minor details are clearly fussed over a lot. This only adds to the overall quality of the track.

Overall, this is a great track. It’s probably one of the more technically complex tracks I’ve listened to in a long time. Still, this track is quite well done as each element ends up working very well. Each element is seated well from the main melodies to the drum kit right down to the pads and ambient elements that flow throughout the track. So, an interesting and unique listening experience as far as trance is concerned that is well worth the listen.


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