Review: Our Lady Peace – Clumsy (Rock)

This review covers the alternative rock track Our Lady Peace – Clumsy.

This track was released in 1997 on the album Clumsy.

There is an overall warm and fuzzy feeling that can be felt with this track. A lot of that is thanks to the lyrics which discusses general relationships and helping other people out. They were very well thought out in that the lyrics aren’t exactly simple nor are they complicated, but rather, sit somewhere in a fuzzy middle ground.

The vocals were pretty good overall. They blend in a few non-lyrical elements into the lyrics. They end up giving this track some nice variety.

The guitars can be described as a mixture of acoustic sound and general rock sound. Both styles take turns taking up the presence of the overall sound like a teeter-totter. It worked quite well and gave this track a nice variety in sound.

An interesting element is the inclusion of the piano at the beginning. Most rock tracks I’ve heard don’t necessarily do that unless they become a major part of the track. In this case, they just take up the beginning for the most part. The inherent risk is that the sound just sounds out of place, but in this case, it worked quite well in giving the sound an added bit of personality.

Overall, this was a pretty good track. It has a great overall emotion that was spelled out in the lyrics, the vocals were pretty good, the guitars worked quite well, and the added elements helped spice up this track. Certainly a track worth listening to.


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