Review: Kristoff – Push On (Kristoff’s Push Harder Remix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance Kristoff – Push On (Kristoff’s Push Harder Remix).

This track was released in 2008 as a single with one other mix. The original mix was already reviewed and received one of the few perfect scores ever awarded.

This mix is largely not that different from the original, however, there are a few small differences. These differences are largely found in the effects and small pieces of synths in that some elements were taken away. In a strange sort of sense, this didn’t actually make this track a whole lot better, but it also certainly didn’t make the track worse by any means. Instead, it mostly had the effect of giving this track its own flavor of excellence.

While the idea of having a different mix with only minor differences might sound like this track is almost a rip off, I thought that since the original track was so great, the idea of meddling with musical perfection would almost be a crime. So, I, for one, am glad that the differences are only minor.

So, while there is, overall, not a whole lot of difference between the original track and this one, I thought this was great because it means this track is also going to get a perfect score. Think of it as a slightly different flavor of awesomeness.


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