Review: Kmotiv – Five After One (Trip Hop)

This review covers the trip hop track Kmotiv – Five After One.

This track was released in 2004 on the album The Abstraction Agenda. We previously reviewed another track in this album. That track was Something on the Wing. That track got a great score, so we thought we’d give another track on this album a try.

The track starts off with some general drum kit work with an emphasis on the snare. From there, the track brings in some bassline and string that hits the high notes.

The string goes away and some voice samples are introduced. After this, guitar work takes over in the drivers seat. It is eventually accompanied by some a wind instruments which sounds like a flute.

As the track progresses, there are variations of these kinds of elements that flow in and out throughout. The only real addition late in the track is an extra synth effect or two.

One thing I like about this track is the fact that it flows so well from beginning to end. In fact, the flow works so well, you find yourself not even focusing on the individual sections. Instead, the track just melds together as a sort of fluid audio experience. This, I found, to be a pretty impressive aspect of this track. In fact, if I throw this single track on loop, I can simply forget where the track begins and ends because it does so well flowing in general.

Another interesting aspect is where the drum kit sits in the track. It makes this track less of a relaxation track and more of a productivity track. There is still that sense of relaxation, but there is also that energy ebbing and flowing throughout as well.

Generally speaking, this is a great track to listen to. If you are looking for something that is a little more on the relaxed side of things, yet contains enough energy to keep you moving on a little work, this track is a great candidate for something like that. The flow is just butter smooth to the point where it’s hard to keep track what section of the track you are listening to. The drum kit gives this track a nice energy while not spoiling the mood in any way. A track that certainly gets a thumbs up from me.


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