Review: Kiss – Domino (Rock)

This review covers the rock track Kiss – Domino.

This track was released in 1992 on the album Revenge.

Probably the best part of the track was the guitars. They were OK, but nothing huge. The solo was half decent.

The vocals was a mixed bag. Some of it was OK, but other times, they were hard to understand. Then, there are moments where the vocals are just talking which made the track awkward.

The lyrics, as far as I could tell, was about a woman and temptation. It can be a great set-up for a memorable track, but unfortunately, this track just doesn’t carry through on anything particularly memorable.

The problem I have with this track is the fact that it sometimes sounds like it is gearing up for some great sounds, but then disappoints with some generic sound or a breakdown in the overall sound. Because of this, it ends up just being an anti-climactic tease and nothing more.

Another vibe I picked up on was that this track sounds like it was produced by someone who is experiencing a bit of musical burnout. It’s like the artist may have produced some good stuff previously, but has since run out of ideas. The track even had a hint of being old and stale as well.

Overall, this track had some OK guitars, but there was little else going for it. It had promise with some interesting build-up, but it couldn’t deliver on anything particularly memorable. A really average track.


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