Review: Jomanda – Got A Love For You (Hurley’s House Mix) (House)

This review covers the house track Jomanda – Got A Love For You (Hurley’s House Mix).

This track was released in 1991 as part of a single.

The track starts with a piano and some bongos. A clap joins in followed by a high hat and kick. A snare roll makes an appearance.

The track then breaks down and a brass melody comes in. After the track picks up again, the track breaks down after and a vocal element appears with some pitch-bent features. The main vocals then start with the lyrics. After the verse ends, the track becomes more instrumental in nature. The track then makes a brief detour to the pitch-bent vocals again.

In the next section, the vocals take the track into the next verse with the piano backing it. After this, the brass comes back in with bits of vocals.

After that, the vocals come back in for the next verse. The backup vocals take the track into the main chorus. The pitch bent vocals make an additional appearance before they start becoming chopped. They then go back to being pitch bent again.

From there, the track breaks down somewhat and the backup vocals take the track back into the main chorus. The main vocals join in on this. The main chorus is then extended. After this, the track breaks down with just the kick, hats, and bongos.

After this, the track builds back up again with the vocals taking the track back into the main chorus. The pitch-bent vocals come back in as the track starts to break down again. From there, the track builds back up when the brass melody returns again. After this, the track then fades out.

One thing I do like about the track is the pitch bent vocals. What they do is give the track a nice sound while offering that little twist that makes it sound a little different without making it sound bad.

Another nice element is the brass. This element really helps hold the track together and offer that something that helps make the track stand out somewhat. When it’s layered wit the pitch bent vocal, the track sounds quite good.

The lyrical vocals are also pretty good. Given that there is so much in the track, not a whole lot is necessarily needed in this case. Still, there is a fair amount of lyrics going on in this track. Luckily, it is handled in a way that doesn’t make the track overwhelming, so that gets a thumbs up from me.

I also like how this track flows. It pulls back when it needs to and the various elements push the track forward in a nice rhythm.

The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is the length. In this track, it seems a bit dragged out. I wouldn’t mind the length if it offered something interesting enough to justify the length. As it stands now, it just repeats some of the earlier elements. With the almost false ending, it sounds like a bit more was just tacked on at the end.

Overall, though, it is a pretty solid track. It has interesting vocals and nice melodies. It’s well produced as the track ebbs and flows nicely. It is a bit drawn out, though, so it may be a bit too long. So, a pretty soli performing track.


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