Review: John Mellencamp – Get a Leg Up (Rock)

This review cover the rock track John Mellencamp – Get a Leg Up.

This track was released in 1991 on he album Whenever We Wanted.

The track starts with some guitars and a slow drum kit. The drum kit picks up right when the vocals come in.

After a bit, the main chorus comes in. It doesn’t take much before the track goes into the next verse. When the guitars pick up, the main chorus hits a second time. This is followed by a guitar solo. After this, the track pulls back significantly, leaving little else than a cowbell.

In the next section, the vocals come back and take the track into the next verse. It doesn’t take long before the track goes into the main chorus. The main chorus then repeats. At the end, the track features a few guitar and drum hits before the track ends.

This is usually where I start talking about positive things about the track. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find anything that is even remotely remarkable. I’d like to talk about how the track has a great guitar solo, an interesting vocal, or creative lyrics. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can highlight and say, “hey, this is really good!”.

The vocals are a bit drowned out by other elements in the track such as guitars. So, some of the vocals do get a bit washed out. The guitars are decidedly average. Even the flow is pretty mundane.

Overall, this is a pretty bland track. With pretty much nothing of note that is overwhelmingly positive, every aspect manages to nail the mediocre line. The vocals are unremarkable, as are the guitars and overall production value. So, in the end, there’s nothing really exciting to say about this track. A pretty boring track.


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