Review: Jimmy Collapse – The Sun’s Trust (Downtempo)

This review covers the downtempo track Jimmy Collapse – The Sun’s Trust.

This track was released online for free streaming in 2015.

The track starts off with the sounds of footsteps. From there, the sounds are accompanied by piano chords and some synth effects. A synth melody eventually accompanies the piano elements. That element is gradually brought in along with some additional synth effects. Synth strings also come in as well.

The track begins to build when the drum kit is brought in. The drum kit is accompanied by the sound of a jet air craft which us rather subtle in the background. At this point, the track has a very chilled out sound to it with these elements combined.

From there, the drum kit drops out and the synth effects largely remain. When the track comes back in, there is a new element added to the track. I want to say that this is a filtered woodblock hit, but I’m not entirely sure on this. Regardless of what the sound actually is, it gives the sense of progression in the track.

When the track hits the next drop, there is the sound of seagulls in the background. Those sounds are accompanied by wind instrument sounds likely layered by synth. That effect drops off and there is simply the sounds of the sea being left behind. This is the sound the track leads out on.

One positive thing about this track is that the track has a very nicely done flow. Each section gradually slides in and out nicely. While there is distinct sections in this track, the listener can easily glide from one section to another and only realize that they are in a new section once it has already took off.

Another positive thing about this track is that it evolves nicely. There is virtually no sense of repetition because even the elements that repeat have at least something added. So, you are listening to something new throughout the entire track, making it a nice audio trip from beginning to end.

The only thing about this track that I’m not a huge fan of is the extremely long ending. The seagulls sounds is a nice way to end the track, but it could have been shortened a bit in my view. It might have also benefited from a more complete gradual fade out as well. Still, in the grand scheme of things, this is a minor issue because the producer already sold me on this track by the time I got there.

Overall, this is a nicely done track to chill out to. If you want a track to cool down to from a long day at work, this is certainly worth a try. The track evolves very nicely throughout. The transitions are very smooth. I think that the only stand out thing I didn’t like was the extensive ending. Still, a track worth listening to.


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