Review: Jer Martin – Ten Minutes to Midnight (Original Club Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Jer Martin – Ten Minutes to Midnight (Original Club Mix).

This track was released in 2010 along with a remix.

One of the big elements in this track is the main melody. When the main melody has kicked in, there is a lot going on in this track that gives this track a very full sound. The unfortunate aspect is that the melody is short and repetitive. I wanted something more in the melody and I never actually got it. While what is there is pretty good, it could have been better.

Another element in this track is the choir sound. This was a nice highlight in this track as it gives the track a very vivid mood. It is subtle, yet effective.

The sub melodies did give the track some life. It is largely thanks to this sub-melody that I didn’t actually get bored in any way. The piano helped this track along by giving it some dimension in the sound.

Along with everything were numerous effects thrown in. They range from general 303 sounds to sweeps to even filtered white noise. While an eclectic sound, it really broke up the sound, significantly reducing the auto-pilot sense in the track. It really upped the production quality.

Overall, this is, by no means, a perfect track, but there is some great sound quality to be had here. The main weakness is that the main melody could have been better. Still, the sub-melody and the piano worked quit well. The choir sound also plays into this tracks favor. The effects did a great job at bringing the overall sound home. A very good track.


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