Review: Itro – Skyward Bound (feat. Kédo Rebelle) (House)

This review covers the progressive house track Itro – Skyward Bound (feat. Kédo Rebelle).

This track was released in 2015 online for free.

The track carries a very upbeat emotion. If the goal was to make this track have a happy and carefree emotion, I thought it was very effectively delivered here.

The plucked-like synth worked extremely well to deliver that emotion. It also added a nice rhythm to the overall sound.

With that, the vocal work was very well done. There’s a definite softness to the voice which made this track much more pleasant to listen to. Of course, it also added to the upbeat sound as well. A slight nitpick is that sometimes, the lyrics take a few listen to actually understand what is being said. Not all of the lyrics are like that, but there are a few moments where I miss what is being said.

One thing in this track that I wasn’t entirely a huge fan of was the portion with the piano. I don’t often criticize a track for the piano work. In this case, I thought it just seemed a bit out of place with the main synth found in this track. When it was buried with the bass and synth, it wasn’t as bad, but the solo portion just seemed a bit awkward because it wasn’t accomplishing anything that wasn’t already accomplished with the synth.

Overall, I thought that this was a very good track. It may not jive with everyone’s style of music because of the rather thick amount of happiness that was applied, but if you are in a particular mood that suits this track in any way, you could do a whole lot worse than this track. Very good all around.


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