Review: Inhaler feat. Christian Burns ‎– Something About You (MDE Extended Mix) (Progressive House)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the progressive house track Inhaler feat. Christian Burns ‎– Something About You (MDE Extended Mix).

This track was released in 2009 as part of a single.

This progressive house track blends the elements of progressive house and rock. It also features vocal talent from Christian Burns. The overall mood conveyed in this song is quite clearly infatuation.

One of my favorite kinds of element mixing is when rock is blended in with any form of electronica. It allows for a huge range of possibilities in terms of music production and, at the same time, makes the track much more approachable to more common audiences. This particular track does this quite successfully. There’s that hint of forbidden emotion that spices up the overall infatuation tone throughout the song. Blended together with electric guitar chords, the pulsing house style, and the electronica backing, this song ends up having a complete sound quality to it that makes it a really good listen. So, overall, this is a very well produced track.



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